Developing a Recruitment Policy


  Creating a suitable recruitment policy is the first step in the efficient hiring process. A clear and concise recruitment policy or code of conduct ensures a sound recruitment process. It specifies the objectives of recruitment and provides a framework for implementation of recruitment programme. It may involve organizational system to be developed for implementing recruitment programmes and procedures by filling up vacancies with best qualified people.

A recruitment policy of an organization should be such that:

  • It should focus on recruiting the best potential people.
  • To ensure that every applicant and employee is treated equally with dignity and respect regardless being biased.
  • To aid and encourage employees in realizing their full potential.
  • Transparent, task oriented and merit based selection.
  • Weight age during selection given to factors that suit organization needs.
  • Optimization of manpower at the time of selection process.
  • Defining the competent authority to approve each selection.
  • Abides by relevant public policy and legislation on hiring and employment relationship.
  • Integrates employee needs with the organizational needs.

Recruitment Policy consists of following components.

  1. Objective (Manpower Requisition form filled by the Department Head)
  2. Different Profiles (Job Description /Skills/No. of people required).
  3. Salary Structure for each Profile
  4. Recruitment Budget
  5. Source of Hiring (Advertisement, Consultants, Employee Reference, Job Portals)
  6. Screening
  7. Interview Panel (Interview & Selection)
  8. Issuing Offer Letter
  9. Completing the Documentation(personal File)
  10. Induction

 Factors affecting recruitment policy

  • Organizational objectives
  • Personnel policies of the organization and its competitors.
  • The organization’s image in the community, market place and labor market, its employer brand and identities as an employer.
  • The human resource plan and subsiding plans.
  • Fairness, courtesy and Professionalism in dealing with applicant
  • Legislation and regulations offering – Terms and condition, Equal opportunities, Labor mobility.
  • The cultural values of the organization as well as national culture.
  • Preferred sources of recruitment.
  • Recruitment costs and financial implications.

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