Importance of HRM for Organizational Success


           We already learned some basic things about Human Resources Management, its goal and activities and its influencing factors. Today we will learn  how a organizations success relates with its Human Resource management function. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the integrated use by an organization of systems, policies and management practices to recruit, develop and retain employees who will help the organization meet its goals. HRM plays an important role in assuring employee satisfaction, improving performance and productivity. This can further an organization’s competitive advantage, and directly contribute to the organization’s success.

HRM provides managers with skills and tools to enhance their own performance and the performance of their employees. By using these tools and working closely with HR professionals, managers can help build their employees’ capabilities and strengthen employee commitment to the organization. This in turn will strengthen individual and organizational performance, and further the organization’s ability to meet its goals according to performance objectives and standards. That’s why HRM gained its importance over last few decades. Managers now can realize that the effectiveness of HR function has a substantial impact on the bottom line performance of the organization. Continue reading

Introduction to Human Resource Management

   Dear Friends, this is my first post about Human Resources Management. Today I will introduce you with the term Human Resources Management or HRM. Though I know most of you who are visiting this blog are more or less familiar with this term, I think a little warm up might not be bad. So lets proceed…..

 What is HR?

HR is an acronym for human resources. It is an element within an organization that deals with the human aspects needs of workers. HR addresses all kinds of vital issues, for example profitability, restructuring, flexible working and globalization, through the effective management and development of people. Simply to say it is the activity of attracting, retaining and motivating the people who the organisation needs. Continue reading